The Retailer's Corner

Hello! We made this special hidden page just for you, our stores.  We wanted to give you a special landing spot to check out the product and find out more about us, where to purchase, our inventory availability, etc.

How Do I Buy Shade Science Products?  

We sell our products through distribution or through limited buying groups.  We currently have product stocked with SCP, Superior, Essentials Spa Supplies, Pool Contractor Supply and Central Pool.  Internationally, we are in Canada with SCP and Central Supply.

How Can I See Your Products?

We did the pool tradeshow circuit this year, so if you attended, you probably saw it there.  We have Reps in the MidWest (MidAmerican Sales), Central USA (IMG) and Southeastern (Bierman Sales). Please don't hesitate to contact them to see our product line in person.  We are also currently accepting applications for Rep Firms in the Northeast and West.  If you just can't wait another second, check out our videos on YouTube.

So What's The Difference Between the Two Products (Original vs. Plus)

The Pool Buoy Original is just that, our Original product.  When we came to market with our fabulous floating umbrella in May 2015 - we said "What do you think?!?" And you said "We Love It!" But then you guys made all sorts of recommendations on what we could do to improve it and make it even better.  And all those tweaks and improvements were piled high and are now the Pool Buoy Plus! So the Plus means - improved wind resistance, trendier design and colors and a handy-dandy Pool Buoy Leash.  The Leash is really the coolest part because it hooks onto you or our lounger like a boogie board tether and keeps the Pool Buoy overhead ALWAYS. Without any effort whatsoever. 

And the Colors?

The Pool Buoy Original comes in Pacific Blue and Oyster White.  The Pool Buoy Plus comes in Coconut Cream, Harbor Blue and Key Largo.

You Sell Online and That Makes Me Unhappy!

You're Right. We do.  It's actually on our site for 15% higher than the manufacturer recommended price. But it should give you piece of mind that we have a minimum advertised price in place and we police it.  We've actually got a pretty fancy little serial number on each unit so we can catch MAP violators.

I Saw Someone Had Their Store Name on the Pool Buoys

That's right! With a minimum order of 15 units, Pool Buoy products make the perfect floating marketing pieces!  We can place your custom logo on an umbrella in single color for $10/unit.  If you purchase two pallets, we'll put the logo on two panels! 

Sales Staff Training Resources

Check out our YouTube Channel to acquaint yourself or your sales staff with how the product works!